Hello Africa! Social Television

Hello Africa! Social TV Look to Enhance Television’s Role as an Enabler of Social Interaction.

Social television is the union of television and social media. Millions of people now share their TV experience with other viewers on social media such as Twitter and Facebook using smartphones and tablets.,, – Wikipedia

What is Hello Africa! Social TV

Hello Africa! Social TV is the Britain’s first black community interactive Social Television network. Using new technologies, you can be a part of the show by submitting videos, texting to TV or voting in real time! Hello Africa! Social TV live shows gives you the chance to participate in the conversation as you interact about the trending topics of the day.

Hello Arica! Social Television provides new ways for businesses to connect with their audiences, customers, advocates, employees and others through social interaction.

Why is Hello Africa! Social TV Compelling For Your Audience?

Hello Africa! Social TV is the union of Television and Social media. The Britain’s black community now, can share their TV experience with other viewers on social media such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook using smartphones and tablets.

Hello Africa! Social TV refers to technologies surrounding television that promote communication and social interaction related to program content.

Hello Africa! Social TV make television a more active experience for audiences, rather than the passive viewing experience it was for more than half a century.

Hello Africa! Social TV goes a step further and lets viewers interact with other TV viewers watching in different homes.

Hello Africa! Social TV plug social networking into TV so people watching in their homes can communicate electronically with friends and strangers watching the same shows.

Hello Africa! Social TV Customer Overview:

Hello Africa! Social TV is a new way for companies to amplify social media to build, educate, mobilize, measure and incentivize a hyper-engaged affinity group.

Social TV Features

We create real time content for live TV viewers and deliver it to the social networks audiences are following along with while watching TV. See a great moment on TV, chances are we did too and delivered it to your favorite social network in under a minute. Now you can share or engage with a click.

The main feature of Hello Africa! Social TV is as follows:

  • Remotely shared TV-watching experience (text, voice and video chat, blog)
  • Communication between people (chat, email, buddy, video-conferencing)
  • Like watching TV together (presence service, emoticon)
  • Sharing contents and recommendation (SNS on the Web, sociable media, personal broadcaster)

Hello Africa! Social TV provides a new generation of advertising opportunities.