Hello Africa! Social TV Advertise

Social Television is one of the hottest trends in marketing and advertising which allows to create innovative campaigns and find advanced ways to connect with customers.

Hello Africa! Social Television helps broadcasters increase their shows ratings by increasing buzz about them in social media. For brands and agencies, we help them adjust their strategies to get stronger engagement with their brand through the course of the TV program, and subsequently adjust their media buying strategies to optimize their ROI.

Hello Africa! Social Television It’s the only social media platform that integrates all three screens; television, internet and mobile creating a 360-degree customer engagement loop. From display ads to product integration to user-generated television commercials, you can reach and engage a targeted audience.

In addition to traditional television and digital advertising, Hello Africa! Social Television offers immersive, media rich, social-sharing opportunities that can help drive your business goals.

The world today is rapidly changing and so should your marketing.
Consider the following trends and projections for 2019:

  • 85% of all UK internet traffic will be video;
  • 58% UK smartphone owners watching video;
  • 70% of marketers will increase their social media advertising;
  • Over 32 million Britain’s will be social media users;
  • Over 50 million Britain’s will be smartphone users;

Customer Advertising Examples:

  • News Brief (In-Studio)
  • News Brief (On-Location)
  • Live talkshows
  • Business Profile (Story-telling videos)
  • Testimonials (Video interviews)
  • Description Videos (Studio Produced: Business/Product/Service)
  • Offer Videos (Business/Product/Service)
  • Event Coverage
  • Tutorials
  • Social Networks Live stream

Learn how Hello Africa! Social TV platform and more than 30 million cable and broadcast television households can help you reach your audience today.

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